Useful Tips For Furniture Storage In Victoria

chair-on-palletSize Matters
Determine how much space you need. Don't overspend on a space that is too large, but make sure you can fit everything in without breakage.

Indoor or Outdoor
Outdoor Units have easy access, but indoor units maintain a more stable temperature, in all weather.

Use Proper Equipment
Use dollies, carts, and straps to move larger belongings. We also have elevators for second floor move-in’s.

Important Things Last
Prioritize your belongings according to need, and wait to store important items until the last minute, for easy access & retrieval.

Use all the Space
Try to use boxes of the same size. Stack them at the back from floor to ceiling. If you need to access certain boxes, put important boxes near the door. Dismantle any furniture you can.

Use Pallets, Sheets/Covers
Place pallets on the ground to allow for better air circulation, and use sheets, blankets, and covers on all furniture to protect it from scratches or dust.

* We provide the pallets and you provide the sheets and covers.