Learn the History of The Self Storage Place's Storage Facilities in Victoria, BC

Memories of the Past
Our building has a long history. Long before our buildings provided storage facilities in Victoria, BC, they were used to make Convoy Bars for World War II troops, assembling 40-ton consignments of Pilot Bread (unsweetened biscuits as staple), and dog biscuits for the sled huskies in the Hudson's Bay Trading Posts, located in the Arctic.

Canadian explorer Stefansson sailed from Victoria in 1912 to begin his historic North Pole expedition, taking with him a heavy load of pilot biscuits made by the local bakery, Popham's. Other town residents remember with nostalgia the bakery's horse-drawn wagons that delivered the bread and confectioneries around the town, and the crowds of children that followed the wagons calling out for cookies—cookies that often flew through the air to eager little hands, and cheers of delight.

It is a place that ran always with efficiency, its machinery & equipment considered the cutting edge of technology for years. It was a place that honoured its staff and encouraged a family environment. When the buildings closed forever by Ormond's Bakery & Confectionery an era had ended. But the buildings, now housing a family run business providing storage facilities to Victoria, BC since 1971 operates along the same lines; with good cheer, best quality service, loyalty to customers and an appreciation for the history of Victoria and its residents.

Our Goal Today
Now raising the third generation of Rogers in the business, our family is committed to ensuring our provision of services is genuine and honest. Our goal and that of our helpful staff is to work successfully with our clients to ensure the best rental of space possible, for your belongings. We are your family attic space, just a little futher away. Contact us for great service!

Our Buildings History

Back in Fort Victoria's time 1892 it was owned by Mr. Jordan passing on then to partner with Victoria West Steam Bakery in 1900, and Excelsior Steam Biscuits Company with associates Brackman & Kerr.

In 1906 it was bought by the brothers A.C. & F.C. Popham, operating as Popham Bros Biscuits & Confectionery’s, until final ownership as a bakery and confectionery, by A.E. Ormond 1918 under Ormond's Ltd until 1971, when the buildings were bought for self-storage facilities for Victoria, BC under the name The Self Storage Place, by present owners.

The buildings were originally designed by several different architects with the additions being added over years with the growth of business and popularity. The buildings accommodated huge floor-length ovens with equipment as part of the actual structures. Massive amounts of staples being used, and mixed daily to produce the large amounts of bread, biscuits, cookies, and confectioneries sold both in Victoria and Vancouver, and then shipped up through the entire province of British Columbia & the Yukon.

From Cream Crackers, loaves of bread and cookies, to the delicious hand-dipped chocolates, Pilot Biscuits and dog (husky) biscuits sent up North; the names Excelsior, Popham and Ormond's resonate through history and in the memories of long-time Victoria residents.